About Us

MaxQ is a provider of reusable, highly economical, validated solutions for the safe transportation of temperature sensitive materials. We specialize in developing solutions for user specific requirements that are optimized for costs and performance. 

At the core of our offerings is the development of proprietary bi-functional composites that have low thermal conductivity and high structural rigidity. MaxQ has a proven track record of producing light-weight, high impact resistant insulating material solutions.

Our mission is:

To leverage scientific breakthroughs in making a greener today while paving way for a sustainable tomorrow

MaxQ's team of researchers and industry experts incorporate experience in applied biomedical engineering, material sciences, chemistry and architecture.  Our research and growth efforts have been supported by Venturewell E-team grants for developing advanced materials and socially beneficial innovations. MaxQ has also been awarded Phase I and II SBIRs by the National Science Foundation.

All MaxQ products are designed and manufactured in the United States.