Pre-Qualified One Way Shippers

Refrigerated (1⁰C to 10⁰C), Room Temperature (15⁰C to 25⁰C)

Introducing 1Max+ series of light-weight, pre-qualified 
one way shippers

SKU# Type Payload Duration (Hours)
1R12M24 Refrigerated 14.0L 24
1R14M24 Refrigerated 26.5L 24
1RT12M24 Room Temp 14.0L 24
1RT14M24 Room Temp 26.5L 24
  • Light-weight, efficient solutions
  • Pre-qualified for time (one day, two day)
  • Pre-qualified for temperature profile:
    refrigerated, room temperature
  • Simplified packaging reduces packing/handling error
  • Includes cooling materials and pack-out suggestions
  • User-specific branding available (logo, colors etc.)