Package design, testing & evaluation

Validation Services

Scientific, independent and accurate pack-out validation (DQ, OQ, PQ)

  • Thermal testing of payload and full pack-out design
  • Testing under different ambient temperatures (summer, winter)
  • Calibrated temperature loggers and equipment
  • Multiple unit testing capabilities for side by side analysis
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting
  • Full service testing lab with dedicated service teams

Case Study: Performance qualification (PQ)

MaxQ validated pack-out for a large blood center affiliation.

Requirement: Validate pack-out for shipping multiple units of diagnostic specimens across four midwestern states in the U.S.

Services provided:

  1. Pack-out design
  2. Payload testing and analysis
  3. A new validated outbound shipping system

Benefits: Cost savings from improved payload performance, reduced packaging costs and simplified setup.

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